60+ Best 2016 Vector Calendar Templates

60+ Best 2016 Vector Calendar Templates

Today I am going to introduce you guys to our BEST and FREE collection of 2016 Vector Calendar Design Templates. The collection consists of calendars of different styles and designs. Now is the best time to create your calendar for 2016 with our popular and versatile collection. So, download it and plan your happy schedule with comfort and ease. You can easily print your calendar and share with your friends or office colleagues.

All files available are in vector format.

01-Hexagon month style 2016 calendar template

Hexagon month style 2016 calendar template

02-2016 calendar template blue shadow month card

03-Abstract orange background 2016 calendar template

04-2016 calendar

05-Colorful lines background month start with Monday 2016 calendar template

06-Abstract hexagon background 2016 calendar template

07-Abstract Red Digital background 2016 calendar template

08-Place for Image in header 2016 colorful calendar template

09-Abstract Blue polygon background 2016 calendar template

10-Big header for photo 2016 calendar template

11-2016 calendar gray card month background

12-Ribbon banner 2016 polygon background Calendar template

13-Blue and white 2016 calendar template

14-Vector illustration Colorful Cards with Different business icon 2016 calendar template

15-Vector abstract card design material header 2016 calendar template

16-Vector 2016 Calendar template card view with icons

17-Vector Horizontal view 2016 colorufl monthly cards calendar template

18-Vector Hexagon Creative shapes month view with icon on top 2016 calendar template

19-Vector 2016 Geometric shape Red header Calendar template

20-Vector abstract creative shape with place for image in header 2016 calendar template

21-Vector Gray typography with green Ribbon banner 2016 calendar month view circle shapes

22-Blue Banner with typography 2016 calendar template vector

23-Abstract colorful background of calendar 2016 vector

24-Big Gold text 2016 with green Month view calendar vector

25-Big Banner and place for text red background 2016 calendar template

26-Creative shape and place for image dark blue 2016 calendar template

27-2016 calendar in Month blocks with Icons vector illustraiton

28-2016 Typography with place for personal text Colorful creative calendar template Vector illustration

29-Red ribbon with typography 2016 and place for image in banner Calendar template

30-Abstract Pink and Blue background with cards in header for image 2016 calendar template vector

31-2016 white card calendar template vector

32-Geometric background banner 2016 Vector calendar template

33-2016 gold typography with ribbon banner Vector Calendar template

34-Vector abstract lighting background banner with space for text 2016 calendar template

35-Glossy sticker month label 2016 Vector Calendar

36-Flat background 2016 Vector Calendar template

37-Glossy circle month view with ribbon banner text 2016 Vector calendar template

38-Abstract red digital background with typography 2016 Calendar

39-2016 calendar template on glowing brown background vector

40-2016 Vector Calendar glossy Shadow Circle month label

41-Geometric header with blue and red Month view 2016 Vector calendar Template

42-2016 Calendar template with place for slogan blue red color

43-Flat color Metro cards background 2016 Calendar template vector

44-Abstract Orange and Gray header background 2016 Vector Calendar

45-Stitching cards month view 2016 Vector Calendar Template

46-Flat icon with cards 2016 Calendar template with place for text in header Vector illustration

47-Vector Green and Gray cards background 2016 Calendar template

48-Annual Planner calendar 2016 orange background vector illustration

49-2016 turquoise calendar template Vector

50-Polygon Glossy flat color cards on gray background 2016 Calendar template

Premium Vector Calendar 2016

51-2016 calendar, spiral illustration, swiral shape, Blue polygonal background calendar cover template

52-2016 calendar in the style of colorful card pattern – vector illustration

53-Calendar for 2016 on white background. Vector EPS10.

54-Calendar for 2016 on White Background. Week Starts Sunday. Black Banner Calendar 2016 Vector Template

55-Calendar 2016 vector design template. polygonal blue card and place for company name and address abstract new year calendar template vector illustration

56-February Calendar – 2016 calendar template – polygonal abstract blue background – Vector illustration

57-2016 Calendar – Brazil Country Flag Banner – Happy new Year calendar template – Week starts with Sunday – Vector illustration

58-June Calendar 2016 Vector Design Template. Week Starts Sunday. Event Calendar. place for notes and special text. vector illustration

59-Calendar 2016 vector design template

60-January Calendar 2016 Vector Design Template. Week Starts Sunday. vector illustration


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